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Witchcraft Heights Elementary School

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How Parents Can Help
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What do children need from parents?

            Encouragement - Give your child praise for efforts and for completing assignments.

            Availability - Encourage your child to do the work independently, but be available for assistance.
            Scheduling - Establish a set time to do homework each day. You may want to use a calendar to keep track of assignments and due dates.

            Space  - Provide a space for homework, stocked with necessary supplies, such as pencils, pens, paper, dictionaries, etc.

            Discipline - Help your child focus on homework by removing distractions, such as television, radio, telephone, and interruptions from siblings and friends.

            Modeling - Consider doing some of yourwork, such as paying bills or writing letters, during your child's homework time.

            Support - Talk to your child about difficulties with homework. Be willing to talk to your child's teacher to resolve problems in a positive manner.

            Involvement - Familiarize yourself with the classroom Homework Policy. Make sure that you and your child understand the teacher's expectations.
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